Terms of Use Agreement

You are visiting a website owned by Apply First, LLC. By using this website, you are entering into a legal agreement to abide by the terms of use you see here, and you are agreeing that you have read and fully understand these terms of use.

Although we try extremely hard to ensure properties are available for every adult and family, we can not guarantee that units will be available. Low credit, low income, evictions, and criminal histories, but not limited to, are difficult to overcome. We make every effort to supply opportunities to consumers with these histories but can not guarantee to meet every individual. You are agreeing that you have read and fully understand these terms.

This Terms of Use Agreement (“agreement”) applies to the websites operated by Apply First, LLC and any of its affiliates. This Agreement also applies to your use of any goods, facilities or services offered through the Websites (collectively “services”), regardless of how they are accessed. By accessing, browsing, or using the websites, you acknowledge that you understand, accept and agree to be bound by this Agreement, as well as our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into this Agreement by reference. You agree that, to the fullest extent required by the law of any state, you have been provided with, have received, and are agreeing to all disclosure and consent requirements. Certain services may include additional terms; by agreeing to proceed with any such services you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by any additional terms displayed or referenced that apply to that service.

For purposes of this Agreement, “you” or “your” means the person(s) using the websites and/or the services, and any person(s) for whom such person(s) are acting as an agent.
“ApplyNrent”, “us” or “we” includes Apply First, LLC and any of its affiliates.
“Rental” includes, but may not be limited to, any of the credit and related products and services which you inquire about by using the Apply First website.
“Provider(s)” includes, but may not be limited to, the properties, property management, insurers, service providers, real estate companies, dealers, agents, maintenance companies, and other entities offering products and services through ApplyNrent’s Websites.
“Qualification Form” or “Application” refers to your request to be matched with providers of any of the products and services that you may be connected to through ApplyNrent’s Websites.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change or modify the Websites or this Agreement (or any portion thereof) at any time. Such changes and modifications become effective immediately upon posting on the Websites. You agree to review this Agreement for any such changes upon your use of the Websites and that your continued use of the Websites or Services constitutes your acceptance of such changes and modifications. The Websites are intended for individuals who are at least 18 years of age and are accessing the internet from a physical location within the United States of America. By using or accessing the Websites, you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older and are accessing the internet from a physical location within the United States of America.

Electronic Communications/Notices and Information Delivered Electronically

Our consent agreement for electronic disclosures and communications, hereby incorporated by reference into this agreement, explains your agreement to receive all current and future notices, disclosures, communications and information, and to do business electronically with us and our providers. Your continued use of this site is evidence of your acceptance and agreement to be bound by this agreement.

Disclaimers and Liability

The websites, content and services are provided for use "As is" without warranty of any kind.
APPLYNRENT does not warrant that the website, content or services will be accurate, Error-Free or Uninterrupted.
APPLYNRENT does not warrant that the website, content or services will provide specific results.

To the maximum extent not prohibited by law:

Under no circumstances will APPLYNRENT be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of your reliance on or use of the website, content, services or other items located on the websites.
APPLYNRENT disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether statutory, express or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Additionally, the inclusion or offering of any products or services on the websites does not constitute any endorsement or recommendation of such products or services by us. All such information, products and services are provided "As is" without warranty of any kind.

For any service, by saving your information with ApplyNrent or submitting a qualification form, you represent that all the information you have provided is true, accurate, current and complete. You further acknowledge that you alone will use your account to access the Services. You must not sell, transform or assign your account to anyone else. You agree to keep your login information confidential, to employ reasonable and appropriate safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to your account, and to not share your account credentials with any third party or allow anyone else to log into our services as you. You are responsible for all activities that occur under your member account. If you believe that your account is no longer secure, you agree to notify us immediately. ApplyNrent is not a property management, property or a creditor. ApplyNrent is not an agent of either you or any provider. ApplyNrent is not acting as your agent or as the agent of any provider. ApplyNrent’s services are only administrative. You agree you will rely on your own judgment and research independent of any communications or information you receive from ApplyNrent in deciding which available product, terms and provider best suits your needs.

Any qualification form you submit is not an application for credit. Rather, it is an inquiry to be matched with providers that may be able to present conditional offers. The provider is solely responsible for its services to you, and you agree that ApplyNrent shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your use of such services or your interactions with any provider. You understand that providers may keep your qualification form information and any other information provided by ApplyNrent, whether you are qualified for a product with them or complete a formal application for services with them.
When you “submit” information, create an account or otherwise register for services through our websites, you understand and agree that you have established a business relationship between you and ApplyNrent. Accordingly, ApplyNrent may send your information to certain affiliates and third parties as provided in the Privacy Policy and you agree that ApplyNrent, its affiliates, and persons calling on ApplyNrent’s behalf may contact you using information you provided with information and offers of services available through ApplyNrent and the website. You also give ApplyNrent permission to retain all such provided information.

In addition, certain state and federal laws require that the information you provide us is housed and securely maintained and cannot be removed, purged, or destroyed until the expiration of certain prescribed periods. You are providing express written consent for the retention of this information upon completion of an inquiry form for ApplyNrent and the selected provider to share this information for these purposes. Providers may also from time-to-time be required to share the information you submit to them with ApplyNrent in order to adhere to applicable laws. Providers and ApplyNrent may also maintain and share information provided by you and about you by third parties for internal marketing and analytics.

By submitting a qualification form, you are providing express written instructions under the Fair Credit Reporting Act for ApplyNrent and Provider partners with whom you are matched to obtain your consumer credit report from your credit profile or other information from contracted Credit Bureau(s) for the purpose of matching you to a provider, product, or service through the ApplyNrent network. This information could include, but might not be limited to, your credit report, credit score, rental score and other credit information as well as Criminal background. ApplyNrent and its providers may ask for your name, Social Security Number, address, telephone number, date of birth and other important information including, but not limited to, information received from your credit file, that may allow us and providers to properly identify you. ApplyNrent will obtain a limited credit report (“soft pull”) regardless of whether you provide your Social Security Number. To help the government fight identity theft, the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, and to help attempt to verify your identity, as well as identity verification. ApplyNrent and its providers may obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account with us and providers. It is possible that a provider may perform a soft inquiry on your credit at the same time for the same or similar purposes, but the soft inquiry into your credit does not impact your credit score. ApplyNrent does not perform hard inquiries into credit. From time-to-time ApplyNrent may be examined by state and federal regulators and as such is required to maintain your personally identifiable information to adhere to certain jurisdictions’ data retention requirements. Your information may also be obtained from providers after you are matched to adhere to state and federal reporting and record retention requirements. You authorize ApplyNrent and its participating providers to share such information as required, thus including credit and criminal profiles.

Services offered by providers may only be made to residents of states where providers are authorized to make such requests. A provider’s participation in and offering of its products on the website does not constitute an offer by any provider or by ApplyNrent to provide services outside of their authorized jurisdictions, and to the extent you seek or receive information from a provider regarding any prospective service which would be outside of the providers’ authorized jurisdiction, that information is for informational purposes only. Providers shall have the right to discontinue, suspend or terminate the offering of any product in any specific state through the website at any time, without prior notice.

We do not guarantee acceptance into any particular program or specific terms or conditions with any provider; approval standards are established and maintained solely by individual providers. Likewise, we do not guarantee that the rates offered by providers include the lowest rates available in the market or the rate that the providers will ultimately charge. A provider’s conditional offer may be subject to market conditions, approval and qualification. The rates and fees actually provided by providers may be higher or lower depending on your complete credit profile, income/asset consideration including but not limited to loan to debt to income ratios. Unless expressly stated in writing, nothing contained herein shall constitute an offer or promise. Providers may not offer all products as well as not offer products in all states. You might not be matched with the provider making any specific offer. If you agree to terms with any provider with whom you are matched on our website, you will be responsible for paying for any costs associated with your rental (such as deposit, rent) at lease signing.

By clicking on any button indicating an acceptance or agreement to terms, a continuance of processing or submission (collectively, a “submission”) you understand that you are consenting, acknowledging and agreeing to the stated terms and conditions of that submission and that you are submitting an inquiry for a service through ApplyNrent to each of the providers to whom your rental request, but not limited to, is transmitted. You are also indicating that you are consenting, acknowledging and agreeing to receive notices, disclosures and other communications (“Disclosures and Communications”) in electronic form.

How We Are Compensated

ApplyNrent is paid a marketing lead generation fee by providers for the goods, facilities and services provided. Other revenue is made up of fees pertaining to applications, maintenance and advertising. Your use of the Websites and/or ApplyNrent’s services constitutes your agreement with this compensation arrangement.

Terms Applicable to Credit Repair Services

ApplyNrent’s affiliates, or Any Credit Repair/Consulting Services provided as a service with us, provides credit repair services in exchange for fees which you are responsible for paying. If you enter into an agreement to receive credit repair services, then the terms of such service will be defined in the written agreement that you enter into with the individual company itself.

Terms Applicable to Insurance Request Services

ApplyNrent and its affiliates, are not licensed insurance agencies or brokers and do not provide insurance quotes in accordance with state statutes. The information we provide is not intended to take the place of professional advice from a licensed insurance agent nor do we provide any evaluation of the insurance providers or their policies. We recommend that all consumers consult with a licensed insurance agent before purchasing any insurance policy. We do not sell any insurance or bind coverage on our website; instead, we provide a service to help providers offer for sale and sell insurance and other authorized products to you.

Terms Applicable to ApplyNrent

By creating an ApplyNrent account (whether directly or in conjunction with submitting a qualification form), you understand and consent to ApplyNrent receiving and accessing consumer report information about you from one or more credit bureaus. By registering with ApplyNrent, you are providing express written instructions under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act that we may use and analyze your information as follows: to (a) present you an overview of your credit profile including detailed information where available; (b) provide you with customized recommendations and general information about you; and/or (c) serve you targeted ads and other communications based on your information, (d)identify affiliate and non-affiliate providers that may be able to provide valuable services to you; (e) so that ApplyNrent may perform analysis and data modeling in order to offer customers better services in the future. This information could include, but might not be limited to, your credit report, credit score, rental score and other credit and criminal information. For as long as you maintain a ApplyNrent account, you are providing express written consent for us to maintain and share information provided by you, and about you by third parties, to assist with litigation, regulatory request(s), law enforcement requests, internal analytics, marketing purposes, and any other legally permissible purpose.

Changes to products, pricing and terms.

We may change the prices for our products at any time, with notice, and you will be charged the new price for all future purchases or renewals of products. We may not offer every product and we may also modify or discontinue any of our products or this site (or any portion of our products or the site) or cancel, suspend or terminate this agreement for any reason with or without notice. If we do cancel this agreement or any entire product you have purchased, we will give you a refund or refund portion for any products purchased but not yet provided. If we only modify a product or discontinue a product feature or features, your only recourse is to cancel your product. We may amend this agreement from time-to-time. When we amend this agreement, we will post the amended agreement on the site. We will also send you an email alerting you that the agreement has been amended. Your continued use of the site or products or payment for the products constitutes your acceptance of the amended agreement If you do not accept the new agreement, you must cancel your product within 30 days of when we emailed you the notice. You also agree to an amended agreement if you take other actions that demonstrate you have accepted the amended agreement.

PERSONAL INFORMATION; AUTHORIZATION. As needed to provide products to you, you authorize and instruct us to obtain, monitor, and compile your:
Credit information from one or more consumer reporting agencies
"Non-public personal information", "personal information", and/or "highly restricted personal information" about or concerning you
Other personal information. By placing your application, you acknowledge and agree that your access to the products and any consumer credit information contained therein is subject to your prior written authorization our verification of your identity. As such, you understand and agree that by submitting your application, you are providing "written instructions" in accordance with the FCRA for us to obtain credit information about you from one or more of the three nationwide consumer reporting agencies and you hereby authorize us to access your personal credit information in order to provide the products.
REGISTRATION; USE OF PRODUCTS. In order to purchase products, you must complete the registration process and become a member. For paid products, you will also be required to provide a valid payment source, such as credit card information. We may use information from third-party sources to verify your identity. This information may also be shared with other companies to support your transactions with us and for identity verification and fraud avoidance purposes. You may register to purchase products from this site only on behalf of yourself, unless an agent on your behalf due to special circumstances, and by doing so, you acknowledge and agree that it is illegal to order credit information about anyone else. By registering, you further certify that you are eighteen (18) years or older and that all of the information provided incident to your registration is true, accurate, complete and up to date. You further agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions concerning your use of the products, including any specific terms and conditions relating to particular products that you purchase. We provide products and related information solely to assist you in renting, and other examples for your personal benefit and you agree that you will not use the products for any other purpose, especially a commercial purpose. You must also establish a user identification ("User ID"), password and you agree to keep them strictly confidential and not to share them with others.
Agreement to resolve all disputes by binding individual arbitration. Please read this entire section carefully because it affects your legal rights by requiring arbitration of disputes (Except as set forth below) and a waiver of the ability to bring or participate in a class action, class arbitration, or other representative action. Arbitration provides a quick and cost effective means for resolving disputes, but you should be aware that it also limits your rights to discovery and appeal.

Binding Arbitration. Any Claim (as defined below) raised by either you or ApplyNrent against the other shall be subject to mandatory, binding arbitration. As used in this arbitration provision, the term "claim" or "claims" means any claim, dispute, or controversy between you and us relating in any way to your relationship with ApplyNrent, including but not limited to any claim arising from or relating to this agreement, the products or this site, or any information you receive from us, whether based on contract, statute, common law, regulation, ordinance, tort, or any other legal or equitable theory, regardless of what remedy is sought. This arbitration obligation extends to claims You may assert against ApplyNrent’s affiliates, successors, assigns, employees, and agents. The term "claim" shall have the broadest possible construction, except that it does not include any claim, dispute or controversy in which you contend that ApplyNrent violated the FCRA. Any claim, dispute, or controversy in which you contend that ApplyNrent violated the FCRA is not subject to this provision and shall not be resolved by arbitration. 

No Class or Representative Arbitrations. The arbitration will be conducted as an individual arbitration. Neither you nor we consent or agree to any arbitration on a class or representative basis, and the arbitrator shall have no authority to proceed with arbitration on a class or representative basis. No arbitration will be consolidated with any other arbitration proceeding without the consent of all parties. This arbitration provision applies to and includes any claims made and remedies sought as part of any class action, private attorney general action, or other representative action. By consenting to submit your claims to arbitration, you will be forfeiting your right to bring or participate in any class action (whether as a named plaintiff or a class member) or to share in any class action awards, including class claims where a class has not yet been certified, even if the facts and circumstances upon which the claims are based already occurred or existed.

Your right to obtain a consumer disclosure free of charge.

None of our products are intended to substitute or constitute an offer for a consumer disclosure (sometimes referred to as a “credit report”) that may be available to you without cost or obligation under federal or state law. Prior to purchasing any product via this site, you should carefully review your right to obtain a free copy of your consumer disclosure once every twelve (12) months from each of the three nationwide consumer reporting agencies by visiting www.annualcreditreport.com.

Credit and/or rental scores.

Unless otherwise indicated, all credit or rental scores furnished with our products are rental credit scores. By this, we mean that (unless otherwise indicated) all credit scores are prepared by our affiliates and make use of the rental score, which is a proprietary credit score model. Third parties use many different types of credit scores and will not use the rental score to assess your creditworthiness. When prepared and delivered to you as part of any product, the rental score is provided for educational purposes solely to help you understand how landlords may evaluate your overall credit risk. Therefore, nothing in any of our products is an endorsement or a determination of a person's qualification for a rental, or any other extension of credit. Each lender has specific underwriting standards, so you should not assume that you will receive the same evaluation, credit terms or conditions. ApplyNrent does not represent that the rental score is identical or similar to any other credit score or score model. Moreover, any estimated score changes predicted by our products are only estimates and are provided for educational purposes solely to enable you to determine how future financial decisions (e.g., obtaining a new car loan or mortgage or lease) might impact your credit score. In all instances, the information we use to calculate your rental score is derived from credit information maintained by our affiliates or one of the other nationwide credit reporting agencies. This consumer credit information reflects the latest information provided to the pertinent consumer reporting agency. Recent activity may not yet be reflected in your consumer disclosure. If not, this activity will not be reflected in your rental score. In addition, your rental score may change every time new information is added to or removed from a consumer report as well as with the passage of time. You may obtain a credit score from ApplyNrent for a fee without purchasing any product.

No guarantee of product availability.

Because of the nature of Internet and online communications, this site or the products may not perform as intended despite our efforts, those of your Internet service provider, and you. We do not guarantee uninterrupted or error free operation of your product or this site. From time-to-time, technical issues may also result in the unavailability of or disruption of certain products or product features. In addition, your use of a product that is excessive or in a manner not contemplated by this agreement may also result in a product not performing as intended despite our efforts. We will always use reasonable efforts to maintain operation of the site and availability of the products. If there is a system error or other problem concerning your product, you agree to promptly notify us of the same, we will try to correct the error, but you will not be entitled to any money for any system error of any type except for monies you paid for products that we do not provide. Certain product features within the products may be provided by third parties or may be dependent on data provided by third parties. We may be unable to provide such product features because the third party will no longer provide the product features or data to us or will no longer provide the product feature or data on terms that ApplyNrent believes, in its sole discretion, to be commercially reasonable. ApplyNrent will notify you if it is no longer able to offer a product feature or certain data associated with a product feature for these reasons. ApplyNrent will not be liable for failure to provide all or part of a product or product feature for these reasons.

End User Requirements and Responsibilities:

End User agrees to adhere to the requirements of the FCRA and other statute or regulations, federal state, local or otherwise, pertaining to using, accessing or retrieving consumer information. Furthermore, End User agrees to comply with all laws and regulations and will not use consumer information in violation of any state or federal law.

End User shall implement and maintain a comprehensive information security program written in one or more readily accessible parts and that contains administrative, technical, and physical safeguards that are appropriate to the client's size and complexity, the nature and scope of its activities, and the sensitivity of the information provided to the client by ApplyNrent and providers; and that such safeguards shall include and shall be reasonably designed to:

Ensure the security and confidentiality of the information provided by ApplyNrent and providers.
Protect against unauthorized access to or use of such information that could result in substantial harm or inconvenience to any consumer. End user warrants they have read, reviewed, and will comply with Access Security Requirements for FCRA.
Protect against unauthorized access to or use of such information that could result in substantial harm or inconvenience to any consumer.

End User represents that it is an existing business or property with a legitimate need for information offered by ApplyNrent. End User specifically represents that reports will only be obtained for its own use and it will not further distribute, sell, give or trade such information with any third party.

End User further represents that it will:

Obtain written consent of the individual allowing the obtaining of a consumer report or, as applicable, an investigative consumer report.

Provide the individual with a summary of the individual's rights required under the FCRA and any applicable state law.

All users of consumer reports must comply with all applicable regulations. Information about applicable regulations currently in effect can be found at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's website, www.consumerfinance.gov/learnmore.

Insurers may obtain certain consumer report information for the purpose of making "prescreened" unsolicited offers of credit or insurance.

Notice to users of consumer reports: Obligations of users under the FCRA

The Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"), 15 U.S.C. §1681-1681y, requires that this notice be provided to inform users of consumer reports of their legal obligations. State law may impose additional requirements. The text of the FCRA is set forth in full at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's ("CFPB") website at www.consumerfinance.gov/learnmore. Other information about user duties is also available at the Bureau's website. Users must consult the relevant provisions of the FCRA for details about their obligations under the FCRA.

Users Must Notify Consumers When Adverse Actions Are Taken
The term "adverse action" is defined very broadly. "Adverse actions" include all business, credit, and employment actions affecting consumers that can be considered to have a negative impact - such as denying or canceling credit or insurance or denying employment or housing. No adverse action occurs in a transaction where the company makes a counteroffer that is accepted by the consumer.
Users Have Obligations When Notified of an Address Discrepancy
Law requires us to notify users that request reports when the address for a consumer provided by the user in requesting the report is substantially different from the addresses in the consumer's file. When this occurs, users must comply with regulations specifying the procedures to be followed. Federal regulations are available at www.consumerfinance.gov/learnmore.
Users Have Obligations When Disposing of Records
Law requires that all users of consumer report information have in place procedures to properly dispose of records containing this information. Federal regulations have been issued that cover disposal. The Federal Trade Commission's regulations may be found at www.ftc.gov/credit.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy, hereby incorporated by reference into this Agreement, explains how we protect, collect, share, and use your information as part of our platforms, and all of our products and services.